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We recommend that the best way to care for silver and gold plated jewellery, and to prevent tarnish, is to is to keep your jewellery in a dry environment. If you are not keeping your jewellery in its boxes then wrap your items in acid free tissue rather than keeping it in plastic bags. A handy tip, for all metal pieces, is to retain those desiccant sachets (that come with many clothing accessories or footwear) and keep one in the same draw as your jewellery, as it is moisture that promotes the discolouration called tarnish.

If your items do get tarnished then gently rub the metal with an impregnated “silver” cloth or clean, soft microfibre cloth. Remember that any cleaning removes a fine layer of metal so this should be done sparingly with gold plated items.

Do not use liquid metal polishes, particularly silver dip if your jewellery incorporates pearls, stones or seaglass.


All the organic gems, such as amber, pearls, and coral, need to breathe. They should never be stored in plastic. Porous stones, like turquoise and opals, need exposure to fresh air and humidity. They will deteriorate if stored in dark, dry places, and avoid wearing gem stone jewellery when you apply hand cream or doing washing up. Remember to apply makeup,  hairspray or perfume before donning your jewellery particularly if it contains amber or pearls.  Jewellery should be removed at night and before being in environments that involve chemicals , ie, doing housework, showering or using swimming pools/hot tubs as this can dull and discolour metals, pearls and gemstones. 

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