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Every piece of QuayStones jewellery is unique because it is individually crafted and finished by hand. Our products are presented in branded eco-friendly packaging with care instructions, and we supply display materials to new customers spending over£300 and branded point of sale to new customers placing orders over £500.

Most silver jewellery is made from sterling silver. Pure silver, known as Fine Silver, is too soft for most jewellery so a small amount of other metals is added for strength. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver, often written as 925; and QuayStones predominately uses this material and buys its bullion from sources that only supply 100% recycled metal. 

For more than 700 years, as a guarantee of quality, silver items over 7.78g sold in England have to be tested and Hallmarked to be legally called silver.  So to assure you of our quality, even though most of our items weigh less than 7g, QuayStones have had (where space allows) a full hallmark lasered onto its products. Our sponsors mark is QS and we use the Edinburgh Assay Office. 

What to look for in silver jewellery? As well as checking the purity of the silver, check the weight of the piece you are looking at. At first glance, QuayStones items may seem expensive but this is because they include a greater weight of silver than many competitors, while still being light enough to be very comfortable to wear.


In 2024 we are offering customers the option of buying gold plated silver jewellery. We send our jewellery to a reputable plating company after the hallmarking process. This company uses reclaimed metals and our work is plated to a thickness of 2 microns which is just below gold vermeil standard. We use 18ct yellow gold for our jewellery because there’s less chance of it tarnishing and therefore rubbing off when cleaned.


In many of our designs we  also use freshwater pearls, semiprecious stones and sea glass picked up from the local beaches. If your piece includes pearls or sea glass, (which is moulded and frosted by the action of waves and pebbles) it will differ slightly to the photo of the sample on this site. We do our best to chose pearls and glass that are similar in colour, size and shape but because we are working with natural materials and found objects no two items can be exactly identical, which is why we can boast that much of our jewellery is unique.

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